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DášaHurá domů...............
MonicaCivilians are paying a horrific price for the ongoing war. Over 3 million people in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank need urgent humanitarian aid and protection. You can help families caught up in this catastrophic situation. Please donate to support the Internally Displaced People of Gaza. They need your humanitarian support at the moment. Any donation amount is welcome. Please send your donations to any of the Wallets below; USDT (TRC20) TJaWSdAwLFvmAL2pfY4EEDfC4X8cB9LkPc BTC 14PtgSwcrGD3vwrZM8MaF5YfHG6ZPMD5fY BTC 38cT8cSFXwm7ofL3sBy4woCjxwon6wmcqy BTC bc1q7kq6ffew005s6wugh5yl5thexky2sxff6yplm3 Your donation will go to the Occupied Palestinian Territory Humanitarian Fund – one of the quickest and most effective ways to support urgent relief on the ground. The Fund collects contributions continuously so it can directly support a wide range of partners to address the highest priority humanitarian activities. The Fund is managed by the United Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs on behalf of the Humanitarian Coordinator. Together, We Can Make The World A Better Place.
DášaStřídání stráží a další exotika, že se nestydíte.........chjo
DášaJsme natěšeni na další reporty, dlouhá odmlka,,,,,,,,,,
DasaTo je nádhera.....ach....



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